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Across the Western world, online consumer behaviour has skyrocketed to unimaginable heights.

The only way is up, and in the coming years, we will likely see online consumerism take off into another stratosphere. As a premium eCommerce marketing agency, our job is to assess what you do best and how your competition is going about their SEO for eCommerce strategies. Then we better them.

You want a slice of that pie, and now the pie is considerably bigger, but let’s not fool ourselves, the competition is also immense.

In an ever-evolving SEO eCommerce market, you need to be one step ahead, but you cannot do this by yourself. If you are a start-up or an emerging brand, you need support.

With people spending more time online than ever before it’s not just about your products, it’s about engagement and playing to the tune of the search engines to favour you.

Let us show you how to not only gain attention but convert browsers into buyers.

For your competition, this is the biggest hurdle to overcome.

Australia is fast becoming a cut-throat microcosm for online retailers, but with a premium e-commerce marketing agency like Digital Muscle by your side, you’ll get results and CONVERSIONS.

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How to Create an eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Digital Muscle’s Rocket Strategies Propel you to Success

The success behind eCommerce SEO is not only getting visitors to your site, but it’s getting them to buy.

It is no use having fantastic products when your front-of-house is not appealing. You always have to bear in mind there’s someone else just a click away that stocks similar products or provides a similar service to you, but between us, we ensure the only click the visitor makes is to your online shopping cart.

UserExperience (UX) is more crucial than ever. Your visitor should be able to navigate around your site quickly and be fully informed during the process, and if we can make it fun, it’s a WIN-WIN.

The first step is assessment.

Using our talented crew and the latest technology available, alongside quality e-commerce SEO, we construct a spider’s web of engaging landing pages. We use platforms such as Magento and WordPress, getting your visitor to the end goal of purchasing.

If you use Shopify, we’ll show you a few moves and shakes we know to enhance your profile and snag the passers-by.

We Deliver Results

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Digital Muscle Are Experts in eCommerce Marketing

We pride ourselves with taking start-up’s past development stage into becoming recognised as an up and coming brand and turning up and coming brands into household names in Australia and around the world.

While you are engrossed in work, we provide an experts eye from the outside looking in, assessing how to unlock your business’s potential, in many cases, potential that has been overlooked. It’s what we do; provide premium SEO for eCommerce and become the silent business partner you never had.

Our team offer top-level customer service, assessment and unique eCommerce SEO implementation techniques that put you at the forefront of internet searches with an appealing, easy-to-navigate online presence.

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Set Your Goals by Making your Visitor’s Achieve Theirs

Sometimes keeping things simple is the most straightforward pathway to e-commerce digital marketing success.

It’s a tried and tested formula. Enabling your visitors to achieve their goals will equate to you, achieving yours. Devising how to do this is the string in our bow.

Consumer feedback and constant analysis are essential. Devising a flexible e-commerce digital marketing strategy is uncommon with many SEO companies. With Digital Muscle flexibility is the protein that feeds the muscle.

With continual analysis, we can stay one step ahead of your competition that has simply gone down a path of ‘let's assess it at the end of the year.

Consumer insights and trends are everything in this continually changing global environment. Of course, during the period of an SEO e-commerce campaign, you will have passers-by and window shoppers, it’s converting them into buyers that give you lift-off.

We make your site engaging, so even if they do click-off and go to another site, we ensure they come back!

We are not just an e-commerce marketing agency. We are your eyes and ears, taking the weight off your shoulders, engaging your visitors to help you reach for the previously unseen stars.


SEO and eCommerce Strategies

All successful strategies begin with data.

A successful e-commerce digital marketing strategy focuses on audience research and data analysis, leading us to a quick understanding of what triggers a browser into a buyer.

We conduct extensive research on your industry and your competitors. We then assess whether we can create a niche area to gain extra traffic and present you with a comprehensive e-commerce SEO plan.

We concentrate on organic, long-lasting SEO. We increase your traffic and more importantly – CONVERSION RATES.


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In the world of SEO for e-commerce, you have to be proactive, not reactive.

They won’t come to you; you need to grab them by the shirt collars and drag them in.

We make your store interesting, fun and engaging. These are all part of the visitor’s online experience and subsequent recommendations, positive ratings and online reviews.

With online consumerism on the march, you cannot afford to present a complicated, boring or sloppy online experience. Conversion is everything and will be for years to come.

Use Digital Muscle’s advanced data analysis for your e-commerce SEO. We work towards low pay-per-click rates and ensure it’s not a wasted click for your visitor. Your ROI is the most important factor across all our services.

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